Why Our Squirrel Baffle Worked So Well

Early last year, I posted about the fact that we had made a squirrel baffle by tying the large bird seed bag on the pole that our bird feeder was on. You can click through to see a photo and read about the design.

I had always been astonished that the squirrels seemed to have given up trying to circumvent it, since they are known for their persistence.

Today I found out why. Here is what turned out to be inside the bag:

And so there you have it. The most effective squirrel baffle of all is a large upside-down bird seed bag…with a wasp nest in it!

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  • arcseconds

    haha, excellent!

    What led you to dissect the bag?

    • The bag was broken, and so my wife decided to take it down – and soon found multiple wasps emerging!

  • Chris

    So is this maybe an argument against pacifism? Threat of force is actually effective in instilling peace?

    • sewingdiscontent

      Young man, I hate to ruin your optimism, but squirrel baffles and wasps nests are not effective for national security.

  • arcseconds

    I have to say, I raised my eyebrows a bit and shock my head in mild incomprehension with your initial post about this. It didn’t seem your usual fare, and for me it wasn’t very interesting. I was kind of wondering why you’d even bothered to post it.

    But now I’ve got a bit of a narrative arc out of it, with this amusing finish, I’m very glad you did!

    (Of course, you’ve got every right to post whatever you like on your blog, and it’s hardly a huge minus to my life if occasionally I end up reading something that isn’t very interesting or seems a bit out of place. I wouldn’t even be mentioning this if I hadn’t changed my opinion completely about the squirrel baffle saga…)

    • And I can leave you wondering, as we did after the ending of LOST, how much was in mind from the beginning and how much was made up as things went along! 🙂

      But seriously, a long time ago (back in 2007) I shared a solution to an issue I’d been having with Windows Vista, and it got a lot of attention around the internet, as I learned that I was by no means the only person who had struggled with that issue. And so it seemed worth sharing helpful tips even if they have no real connection with the blog’s main or even minor themes!


      • arcseconds

        Right, that’s a perfectly good justification for posting it.

        I’m just noting my own autobiographical responses. “this is boring and a bit weird (without being weird enough to be interesting) why is McGrath so excited about a bag tied to a pole” to “hey, that’s actually a pretty interesting story”.

        let that be a lesson to me prejudging how interesting a story can be, even to me 🙂

        I’m thinking I might be using it as a kind of post hoc ergo propter hoc example in the future… of course it was because you tied the bag to the tree, but not in the way you thought (so I guess it’s a bit of a Gettier case, too…)!

        • Perhaps this means that I should have offered flashbacks of our struggle to let birds eat at the feeder without a squirrel climbing up and basically camping out there until it was full. It is so easy to mention things assuming their context is clear when it isn’t! 🙂

    • arcseconds

      … what I should have said was, of course ‘shook my head in mild bafflement‘ …

      (*cue rimshot*)

  • Felicianomiko

    Wonder if I can get a wasp to set up shop in my peach trees…

  • ccws

    Ay-yup, that’ll do it…