Putting Your Clocks Back


This gem came my way on Facebook today. It will be useful to people in Europe today and people in North America next Sunday.


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  • http://brucegerencser.net/ Bruce Gerencser

    We “set” our clocks back not put them back. They are fine right where they are. :)

    As a fellow Midwesterner, hard to believe we will soon be seeing darkness at 5 PM. I love spring and fall. I endure winter. Must be a sign I am getting old. :)

  • David Evans

    I photographed the tiny instruction leaflet that came with my digital watch about 10 years ago. Twice a year, I get the photo on screen and reset my watch.
    Now, why hasn’t my so-called “radio-controlled” wall clock noticed the change 18 hours after it happened? And what will happen If I put it right manually? (I threw away the even tinier instruction leaflet for that, thinking it would be obvious)

  • Peter Kirk

    Is that a Dave Walker cartoon? It certainly looks like one. If so, Dave does expect at least an acknowledgement, see http://davewalker.cc/copyright/.

    • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/religionprof/ James F. McGrath

      It’s not. That “innocent” at the bottom indicates the Facebook page that first shared it.

      • Peter Kirk

        Are you sure? Despite the name and the cute halo, “innocent” looks to me guilty of plagiarism or breach of copyright. Just because Innocent Drinks is a large company, that doesn’t make it innocent in the eyes of the law. Of course the company may have commissioned the cartoon from Dave Walker, so it is his cartoon in the sense of his work even if it is not technically his intellectual property.

        • http://timebottle.weebly.com/ Beau Quilter

          I don’t think Walker is the artist, but whether it’s Dave Walker or someone with a similar style, it’s pretty clear that Innocent is commissioning this type of art on a regular basis. You can see lots of examples on their website:


  • http://tunabay.com/ Keika

    You should have seen me trying to reset my Sportline pedometer just before a 5K walk/run event. I got so frustrated, I threw it to the ground and stomped on it so hard, that I blew out an air chamber on a Nike Air running shoe. The sound the shoe made on every step was priceless. A very embarrassing sound. 😉