Star Wars Monsters and Biblical Mythology

Yesterday I posted about theology and epic fantasy. Today we cross over (at least partly) into science fiction, with an article that talks about the roots in classic mythology of several Star Wars monsters. In the first part of their article “Drawing on the Imagination” on the official Star Wars blog, Tim Veekhoven & Kevin Beentjes focus attention on a range of monsters inspired from a variety of culture’s classics. But those with Biblical roots are given particular attention. Click through to read it!

In related news, conflicts seem to be hitting the Noah movie. Also, there is a new movie about Jesus in the works, and so if you see headlines proclaiming “Son of God to be Released Next Year,” chances are that is what it is about. And The Guardian has a piece on why we still need fairy tales.

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  • Jack Collins

    I remain convinced that the Luke/Jabba scene at the beginning of RotJ was inspired by Ehud and Eglon…

    • James F. McGrath

      So that’s what the pit underneath where Jabba sits was really for! 😉

      • Jack Collins

        Yes, and “misderonah” is clearly Hebrew for “Rancor pit.”

  • Michael Wilson

    I just read about the issues with the Noah movie. I think the director is great and would rather see his take than something that was designed to suit the wishes of evangelical test audiences.

    • cosplayfan

      Yes, I agree with what you said. I was impressed by the great imaginations of the director of Star Wars film. I admired him very much! As we all know, more and more Star Wars fans are imitatimg the heroes. They bought their favourite cosplay costumes in the on-line stores,such as Moviescostume,Fandomsky and so on to play their most loved characters in the cosplay shows. That is really interesting and fancinating!

  • Michael Wilson

    Hmmm, not exited about the Jesus movie. The tendency with beloved figures like this is bland hagiographies. I like Last Temptation presentation and think a bio of Jesus in that style would be great, but would be a box office bomb I’m afraid. My big problem with Jesus movies is the tendency to use Luke or John as a template and ignore Mark, which leaves us with a Jesus that reminds me of Bowies “man that fell to earth”, rather detached. Mark’s Jesus was a down to earth guy and bit more relatable, and If we could skip the shepherds and Magi and start the Movie with Mary being raped by a Roman soldier, then you would have a Jesus movie with balls.

  • Gary

    Don’t care about the flood. Want to know how they handled the drunk Noah scenario. Since it’s after the flood, they probably are not going to touch a hot potato. Poor Ham.

  • cosplayfan

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