Accepting Others

Yaholo Hoyt wrote a post about “God boxes” and this part really jumped out at me:

I have met many Christians who feel like accepting others “as they are” without converting them is somehow betraying what they believe. But what good are your beliefs if they simply keep you away from others? If your beliefs do not empower you to love others, then they have no value at all, no matter how “right” they are. Accepting others does not invalidate or cheapen your beliefs, it is your ability to love which proves their merit.

Click through to read the rest. It strikes me as particularly related to the way some Christians approach Christmas, which I posted about earlier today. See also Hemant Mehta’s post about a Christian university which is genuinely welcoming of all, without feeling that its identity is threatened.

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  • dangjin

    Most people do not know what love and accept really mean biblically. Those who sin and follow false teaching or sinful sexual preferences all want the good nice feeling of love and acceptance yet reject or ignore the fact that both love and acceptance rejects sinful behavior and practice. They also ignore the fact that love disciplines, has rules and does not allow a person to everything they want to do.

    Love prunes, warns of destructive behavior and points the way to the right way to live. So you have to ask yourself: Do you really love and accept a person by encouraging their sinful ways or do you love them by warning them about the dangers of their sinful lives and pointing out the right path to walk?

    • James F. McGrath

      Why do you think I keep appealing to you to turn from your sinful fundamentalist idolatry?

    • 2TrakMind

      It’s a question of whose job it is to “prune, warn of destructive behavior, and point to the “right” way to live.” Jesus said that it is the job of the Holy Spirit to convict the world of sin, lead, and teach, but evangelicals have not rightly divided the word of truth, thereby misrepresent what the Bible actually says regarding sin under the New Covenant.