This Will Make You Want To Watch Bible Secrets Revealed

HT Bob Cargill. Making a video while driving, and claiming that having a preview for a documentary series with no preachers in it is somehow equivalent to what Hitler did, makes you seem ridiculous. No, really, much more ridiculous than the sensationalized claims  in the ads for the documentary series – and those are pretty ridiculous (they say that the series will challenge everything you think you know about the Bible!)

I can’t help but wonder whether someone paid this guy to do this as a way of promoting the series. If so, I hope it works!

The series in question is called Bible Secrets Revealed and it will start to air on November 11th.

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  • Neil Rickert

    I managed to make it through almost 2 minutes of that 13 minute video. It was painful to watch and listen.

    • Ian

      I made it to 3;53, chris keith made it to 4:20, Cargill seems to have made it to the end. Perhaps because he digs up dead bodies he has a stronger stomach.

  • arcseconds

    Are you sure you’re not overestimating what the average viewer believes about the Bible?

    If this documentary is successful in presenting what professional scholars think about the Bible, I imagine it would indeed challenge most people’s beliefs about it.

    (OK, maybe not everything, I mean, they’re not going to reveal that it’s actually not a book at all but a very cleverly disguised fungus… )

    • James F. McGrath

      I wish I had your confidence that they won’t reveal that it is a cleverly-disguised fungus. But if they do, I at least hope that they will not have edited my words to give the impression that I think that! :-)

    • Gary

      There is equal time. Setting the DVR for the program next week, noticed that Roma Downey’s “The Bible” precedes the program, “Noah endures God’s wrath”. As far as fungus goes, more like penicillin. Beneficial in controlled doses, and not overused. Otherwise, it will cause strain resistant variants in human beings, that are dangerous to the majority of mankind.

  • robert r. cargill

    When I saw this, I about fell out of my chair.

    For those who lack the stomach and free time to make it to the end, it endeth thusly:

    “I’m gettin’ sick of it. You outta get sick of it. We Christians better stand up right now or we’re gonna wind up being like the Jews in Nazi Germany. Thank you and God Bless you.”

    Because of course, Reductio ad Hitlerum ( is always a winner among logical fallacies, as demonstrated by Goodwin’s Law (

    Also note the the car is parked, and yet a) he’s constantly looking over his shoulder for ‘them’ (I’m guessing Obama) to come get him, and b) while the camera is all over the place, the car appears to be parked.

    I take comfort in my position when the crazy folks are the ones opposing me.

    • Death Dealer

      Amen brother. The silent majority needs to wake up. This county has been slowly circling the drain since the 1960’s.

  • Joshua Smith

    My favorite was 7:30–35. You gotta look out for the counterfeit church. That’s why real churches come with a watermark.

  • Death Dealer

    I wish the History channel had the guts to examine Islam. It’s always been o.k. to throw Christian’s to the lions. Liberals try to discredit anything that threatens their views. Supposedly Abraham Lincoln and George Washington where gay, it’s funny that cowards wait till someone can no longer defend themselves to spread leftist propaganda lies. Like I said earlier make a documentary about the teachings of muhammad. He murdered people that insulted him or dared to leave the faith, the list of victoms goes on and on. As far as I know Jesus never harmed a soul. And in his early life and married a 6 year old child by the name Aisia but he was a TRUE gentleman and waited to have sex with her till she was 9 . So he’s at the very least a pedophile.

    • James F. McGrath

      As a liberal, a Christian, and a religion professor, I find this entire comment bizarre. Girls were married well before the ages we now consider appropriate in the past in patriarchal societies, and so any examination of Islam in this area would have implications for the Biblical narratives as well.

      But you seem to be only acquainted with negative stereotypes about Muhammad and Islam. I know plenty of people who are only acquainted with negative stereotypes about Christians. Why not practice the Golden Rule, a central teaching of Jesus, and treat this religion the way you would want yours to be treated? I remember a religion professor I met once saying that he tells students that if they do not understand how someone could embrace a particular religion, then they have not understood it adequately well.

      Finally, as a liberal and a Christian, I have yet to be thrown to the lions, other than by conservatives.

  • James Snapp, Jr.

    Hmm. I made it through. Can you make it through my reviews? —

    Review of Episode 1 (Lost in Translation) –

    Review of Episode 2 (The Promised Land) –

    Review of Episode 3 (Forbidden Scriptures) –

    Review of Episode 4 (The Real Jesus) –

    Review of Episode 5 (Mysterious Prophecies) – on the way.

    Yours in Christ,

    James Snapp, Jr.