Venzago Returns!

I was delighted to get to hear the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra perform tonight, although dismayed that I had to leave at intermission. My son wasn’t feeling well, probably as a result of Halloween partying and candy consumption. But the first half was, fortunately, the part that I was most excited about. I love music of the late Romantic era, and the first half of the program was Gustav Mahler’s Totenfeier, which later became the first movement of his Symphony No.2 “Resurrection,” and Alexander Glazunov’s Violin Concerto. Both were marvelous, but I’ve found that in particular violin concertos often seem almost like brand new pieces of music when I hear them live, even if I know them rather well. The Glazunov concerto was no exception, as it was spectacularly performed by Vadim Gluzman.

I got to hear one movement of the piece that would have followed the intermission at the orchestra’s happy hour concert, Schumann’s Symphony No.4. And the orchestra was joined for that event by Time for Three as well as Plastic Musik, who do stuff like this:

I consider myself so fortunate to live in a city with such a vibrant musical life!

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  • Ian

    Mahler 2 – what a work! Sorry to hear your son was poorly, hope he improves with a sleep.