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Can a Muslim Follow Jesus?
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Can a Muslim Follow Jesus?

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  • Joshua Smith

    Maybe I missed something, but it seemed to me like “The Day of the Doctor” suggested that Hurt was the previously unknown 10th doctor, which would make Capaldi the 13th rather than the 12th.

    I’m still confused about it.

    • Yes, it is all pretty confusing. He should be 9 if he is counted as a Doctor – following the eighth played by Paul McGann. Capaldi being the 13th would require counting the regeneration without changing his appearance during the David Tennant era, when he redirected the energy elsewhere.

      • Joshua Smith

        Would it? If McGann was 8, Hurt was 9, Eccleston was 10, Tennant 11, and Smith 12? Maybe I’m missing something…

      • Joshua Smith

        Just noticed my mistake. Meant to say that “Hurt was the previously unknown 9th doctor” in my OP.