Jesus and His Assault Rifle

Several people have mentioned Jerry Boykin’s statement that Jesus will literally return as a warrior, but with a figurative sword, an AR-15. But the picture above which Scott Paeth shared gets at the heart of the matter, with the obvious disconnect between the words attributed to Jesus and the weapon he is holding. (Benjamin Corey’s post also contains some interesting pictures of a similar sort).

I remember the reaction when I blogged about the SNL skit Djesus Uncrossed, which depicted Jesus returning violently. How can this possibly be offensive satire, and yet what Jerry Boykin has said be a reasonable view for a Christian to hold? Both cannot be true at the same time, can they?

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  • John Pieret

    The Religious Right has had lots of experience holding inconsistent beliefs.

    • Censored

      True, but the Progressives are just as inconsistent. They pose Jesus as non-violent, as a way of shaming away any political resistance to their political agenda—which will be enforced by the State with violence. Because Romans 13.

      Both sides believe in Reich-wing politics. (Dein Reich Komme=Thy Kingdom Come.)

    • Gary

      “Holding inconsistent beliefs”…
      Sounds like the bible to me!
      Mankind is made in the image of the bible, not God. :-)

      Geneva Convention, does not allow hollow point bullets, does too much damage to flesh.

      Human solution, AR-15 caliber (.223), designed specifically to be light weight, but extremely high velocity, so as to generate a tremendous shock wave throughout the body, to induce maximum damage, and still be a fully jacketed, non-hollow point bullet. NRA would be proud. So would Yaweh. His creation is creative enough to follow the commandments, and still maintain maximum killing effectiveness. Take that, you Canaanites!

  • Andrew Dowling

    I love how these are the same people who accuse liberals of “cherry-picking” the Bible . . .lol

  • Censored

    General Boykin and Benjamin Corey believe the same thing: that King Jesus is going to rule the Earth, and the State and violence is here to bring about the Reich of Jesus. (Dein Reich Komme=Thy Kingdom Come.) State violence is justified by both sides. Because Romans 13. And for Corey’s “anabaptist” types, because John Yoder and his “Politics of Jesus.”

    If you point out how politics requires violence to enforce or how progressives use the very same language as right wing theocrats will get you banned, just like Corey did me yesterday. So just like 20 years ago, pointing out the brutality of Hell as a way to make your neighbor act Republicans gets one kicked out of a rightwing church, and pointing out the violence of the State as a way for progressives to get their neighbors to act like Democrats gets one kicked out of leftwing church.

    Never get in way of either left or right Reich-wing agendas or Jesus will ban you!

    CHRISTIAN, n. One who believes that the New Testament is a divinely inspired book admirably suited to the spiritual needs of his neighbor.

  • Jr

    Is not exactly the same sort of duality/tension/contradiction or whatever you want to call it, that exists in the New Testament?

    Jesus does not just say “love your enemies”. He also talks about judgement a lot, and it seems like the Son of Man is going to send a lot of people to hell.

    • Andrew Dowling

      One can go on and on about the history and meaning of the more “eschatological” sections of the Gospels, but I’d say they are fairly consistent throughout regarding what Jesus taught concerning how people were to live their lives on earth.

    • Michael Wilson

      Jr., I think their is a good case to be made that hell as presented in New Testament is the choice of those who think an eternity of bliss is a raw deal if it means not exploiting people and it out come is destruction, not torture. Armagedon I think is not God slayi g the wicked but the wicked fulfilli.g their own desires and killing each other. I may write a post on my own blog to explain this as it does seem counter intuitive. If one argues that Christans should offer themselves as eternal victims to make the wicked happy for eternity, you still would have the issue of the sorrow of the wicked as they inflict harm on each other, not to mention that without the judgement life would effectively be the classical vision of a hell of torment and would mean creation was an act of hate, not love.

  • Jr

    I like the touch that Christoph Waltz gets to play Jesus. I seem to recall that Max von Sydow, another Jesus on film, also had been considered Aryan enough to play a SS officer before being cast in the role as Jesus.

  • Michael Wilson

    That is quite an endorsement for the AR-15. Now here is a question that has bedeviled Christians since Roman times, if the meek are to inherit the Earth, does that mean no Christian should serve as a police officer, soldier, or in a capacity where one might have to give orders to such people (president, govenor, mayor)