Creationism Debate: Ignoring the Ground Rules

YouTube Preview Image

Bob Cargill drew attention to this mash-up video, illustrating just how many of the issues raised long before in the Non-Stamp Collector video turned up again in Ken Ham’s part of the recent debate. Some young-earth creationist sites have lists of arguments that their adherents should not use. The problem is that the list of dubious arguments and claims is much, much longer than those lists. And so perhaps this video needs to be more widely circulated?

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  • Censored

    Rules, schmules. Jesus broke rules, why can’t Ken break rules? “Break ’em all, and let God sort ’em out.” We’re talking eternity, here! Aaaaaand….money too.

  • histrogeek

    There’s a reason why Darrow is the only man to debate creationists and come out ahead. You need to be a slick lawyer rather than a scientist or teacher to really expose these clowns.