Reporting the Apocalypse

Hemant Mehta shared the delightful BuzzFeed rundown of the different ways different media outlets would report the apocalypse. Click through to see the series. It includes self-parody, i.e. what BuzzFeed would have about the apocalypse…

In a related vein, see Ed Cook’s Buzzfeedesque list of unbelievable Aramaic expressions.

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  • Censored

    Very funny! :)

    A serious note on our fascination with collapse, disaster, and eschatology:

    ” We fantasize about apocalypse because we want the world to get looser, but I see it getting crappier and tighter.”

    ~Ran Prieur

  • Preston Garrison

    It’s the end of the world again
    Got my ticket early and I’m standing in line
    It’s the end of the world again
    Everybody’s certain of it one more time…