I saw the above at the end of a long collection of misused and simply bizarre quotation marks. This one seemed worth singling out and discussing – and as you might guess, not because I want to figure out what the “gazebo” really is. What in your experience makes “worship” deserve scare quotes?


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  • http://nwrickert.wordpress.com/ Neil Rickert

    That’s straight from the department of redundancy department.

    I you are already using a large boldface font for a word, you don’t also need scare quotes.

  • Anne T.

    Maybe their idea of worship is playing cards and drinking beer. Then it would be appropriate to put worship in quotes. Not because it is a wrong way to worship, but because it is unconventional (though you might get a lot more people at that style of worship). Maybe the gazebo is a nickname for something with a different name. But no matter how I try, I can’t come up with a reason for the quotations around come.

  • Erp

    The quotes are just to signal that these words aren’t meant to be taken in their obvious sense. For instance ‘come’ could mean orgasm, ‘worship’ could mean orgy, and ‘gazebo’ for under the the gaze of the face of Bo. :-)

  • David Worsley

    Perhaps “morining” should be in quotes!u

  • Luke Johannsen

    Maybe they really want to play Dungeons and Dragons and this is a warning to beware of the Dread Gazebo.

    A quick bit of history about what the Dread Gazebo is.

    The archive of the story.