Jesus to star in Star Wars Episode VII

IO9 shared the news from the official Star Wars website that the cast of Star Wars Episode VII has been announced. It includes Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fischer, and many others from the original trilogy, as well as newcomers, including Max von Sydow, who famously played Jesus in The Greatest Story Ever Told.

See also the IO9 article on why, in the casting announcement, it is as if half the population cried out in pain and suddenly was silenced…

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  • Andrew Tatusko

    Bummer. I hear Marvel is going to give more space to female leads as well since that has been a major shortfall. Young girls want to play with swords and magic wands and fight dragons and evil as well!

  • R Vogel

    The title of this piece reminds me of a yarn my platoon sergeant was fond of spinning (the veracity of which was dubious) of when he and several others went to a bar in LA and one of them notices an older gentleman at the end of the bar who looked familiar but none of them could place. They ordered the junior among them to go over and ask him who he was and the young corporal sallied over and asked “Pardon me, sir, are you someone famous?’ at which the man turned slapped the young corporal across the face and declared “I’m Charlton Heston.’ A bit in shock and not knowing who that was the corporal came back and reported his findings whereupon my platoon sergeant said ‘Whoa! You just got slapped by Moses!’

  • Tim

    Does this mean he’ll play Obi Wan Kenobi raised from the dead?