The Dangers of Quantum Theology

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  • James Walker

    if we see this actually taught in seminaries in the next 10 years, do we get to blame you, Dr. McGrath? 😉

    • Gart

      Teach the math. As soon as they see the wave function equation, they will get up and leave, quickly changing their major.

    • David Keneally

      My guess is that the number of seminaries will diminish over the next ten years. (Not religion departments, necessarily – just seminaries).

      It will take longer than ten years, but seminaries will eventually disappear from accredited universities altogether.

  • David Evans

    However, the uncertainty in velocity is only significant for a body of low mass (which is why we didn’t discover it long ago). If Christ shares any of the classical properties of God his mass must be very large, if not infinite. So, no problem.
    The Holy Spirit, now, that’s another story.

    • arcseconds

      I dunno, omnipresence could be taken to be the same thing as complete uncertainty as to position.

      On the other hand, maybe God would be better off being analysed as a field, rather than a particle. That may make properties like omnipresence easier to understand. Of course, in quantum physics, fields are mediated by particles… didn’t someone mention a God-particle just recently?

      • Gary

        To use some physics BS, an electron is viewed as a fog around the nucleus. The fog is actually the electron’s probability of being at any one position, at any one time. With the sum of the probabilities equal to 1. Limitations set by the boundary conditions of the wave function of the electron. So if God has boundary conditions, He/She only has a probability <1 of existing at any one position at any one time. But if no boundary conditions, no limitations. There was once a crazy physicist, I forget his name, that said God was a singularity, and actually did what he thought was a proof using wave equations. But I think he was a little crazy. He actually provided the info in a book that I found in the library. Maybe God is the gravity field, since it created the universe, maybe, Higgs Bison, God particle, which was actually named that, "God Damn" particle.

      • Enopoletus Harding

        Arcseconds, you full well know that tweets are a terrible medium for providing context. The “loophole” was for me to make remarks in case anyone replied to my original (at first meant to be final) comment or to answer any final questions people had. It was later used for other purposes. As you could see by my huge decline in posting rate, I cannot be considered a part of the Slacktivist community any more. Every time I go back to Slacktivist threads, I am reminded of why, exactly, it is that I left. I do not plan to come back to the Slacktivist community with any significant degree of permanence. I do not consider my tweets to be “here”, but on Twitter.

        Do you have any more questions for me? I will try to be as helpful as I can.

  • Bobby Gilbert

    Oh yeah, He is here. He left a huge trail of about 84 years and 12 years spread out in blood. He is here alright. The 12 tribes have not figured it out yet. The adopted kids are sending confusing signals. Some are trying desperately to mop up the mess and hide it. The few survivors who are left their voices may one day no longer be heard. They will fall in line with the search for the Historical Jesus. We will gnosticism it.

    • James F. McGrath

      Sorry, what does this comment mean, and what does it have to do with the cartoon?

      • Bobby Gilbert

        It means, a part from the cartoon, the cartoon could be full of various levels of explanations most recent is “inflation” of the universe, Jesus has left a trail. I am momentarily alone on this as far as an explanation, but the idea of a “suffering servant” has crossed the mind on many in terms of the Holocaust.

        I am, more than supposing, that Holocaust is a day to mirror the Passion Week. The whole period of surround the Holocaust mirrors the Passion Week. I call it the Passion Paradigm.

        Aside from the Passion Week or the Passion Paradigm, this period of 1898 to the Holocaust to a tapered out timeline with the UN eventually pulling their resolution on “Zionism” as being racist.

        This whole period is a “week” that Israel is to complete. It is the fourth week. It is called Zebulun. There is no other fool writing on this claim. If you find one, please send that person may way ASAP.

        There is one Jewish writer who wrote about the Holocaust as a metaphor to the suffering servant. I can’t think on his name at the moment. There are Jewish artist who have used the theme of Isaiah 53 and the Holocaust. It is not the reason that fell on the path. It does allow me the liberty to assume archetypes are at work in people’s minds who are out of the Christian faith.

        My main assumption is all weeks come to an end. There are four weeks left. One that actually is often argued over being 7 and 24 to old earth creationisms to now, inflation.

        I really am not wanting to be concern with the time element as the format element.

        To the cartoon, the assumption is we don’t know. The blood trail left behind by the Holocaust is quite obvious, if one understands weeks referring to the festival of week, “He” is quite alive and well.

        Four weeks to go. One is at the table. One is on the road. One may have started. One is not. The metaphor is the road to Emmaus.

        We seem to be obsessed with one. The adopted should be obsessed with “The Tribulation” one. I call it the 2nd resurrection.

        • James F. McGrath

          Why on earth should anyone view things that way? It seems pure speculation that makes no sense and does nothing to help understand either events or texts that you mention in this bizarre concoction of yours.

          • Bobby Gilbert

            I did not go looking for this. believe me. not at all. I did want to make it up. It came haunting after me. Some have insisted it is of the devil. I am not speculating. I am looking for someone who sees it. It is what it is. It is a little more than just this piece. You have only some points of reference. Why on earth? It is about redemption, what is God is doing, a long term plan, maybe time is not as important as the format in which God has been doing it. Maybe we have only been living in a second. This whole time line that we operate out of is just a second. I give it a 1000 years; It helps to make sense out of the Creation week. The Creation week is the longest week. It is not over. It is the first shall be last “week”. Israel’s seventh week is “the last shall be first” week. Now, I am digging into the meat. The weeks have names. They have meanings. Each in time and when they happened.

            Don’t want to take up your time. The holocaust week is not speculation. It actually happened. It is history. I did not concoct this. I lost 3 months of sleep with someone nudging me to wake up and look at these weeks. I had not idea what I was looking for. I just came to an understanding there were weeks. I did not know how many. I was just awaken at night and was taken through these weeks.

            This was in 0ctober 2012 when it started. It is not as bad now because the weeks are identified and have basic formats, but I let it come as it comes.

            This concoction does not make money. It calls in question our systematic theologies. It calls into question how the adopted view themselves. Time is running out. There is probably a few thousand, but time is irrelevant once one acquires a new body in Christ.

            Time is a tricky thing with these weeks. I laugh when one say they have figured a time billions to billions. Time is tricky when one starts looking at these weeks.

            One week is at the table. The time is maybe a 1000 years or more. This time is short.

            One week is on the road. The time at most is maybe a 150 years. Time is a little longer than one about.

            One might have started. It maybe have 70 years left. The week is not even over.

            One is seven years supposedly. It has not started.

            The Passion Week is 7 days. That is not speculating unless one does not believe Jesus is a historic person. It is made pretty simple, but the week shifts. There is an 8th day. Jesus walks out of the week. There are two weeks in the works. One stays in darkness. One a man walks out of the week.

            I am jumping ahead of myself. I have been trying to help people identify the weeks and understand the format. People who believe in the “rapture”. Don’t want anything to do with it. Basically, it is Shavuot. It opens up the scriptures. The story like Esther opens up when one understands the weeks. The incident in Shechem is a key to understanding the weeks and where the weeks get their names. Time is set on the 4th day. It is the covenant of day and night. How can people find time before the 4th day. I am not a physics person, but I do go walking in the early mornings.

            Who is really speculating?

            At least, i humored you.

          • Gary

            Bobby, you need to chill out. Even the bible says a prophet is real if he is correct in his predictions. Crazy John in Revelations says everything is going to happen “soon”. “Soon” is over. It is not correct. The bible is not inerrant. Please live with the obvious conclusions.

          • Bobby Gilbert

            I am not prophet. Mostly everything supposedly happened. I am saying there 15 weeks real “‘Festival of Weeks” and 70 weeks are buried in them. If you knew how I came up with this, you would not believe me. You don’t know how many times I was walked through this in the middle of the night and did not want to pay attention. Not a prophet. Far from a prophet.

            Two have not happened. It is only one. John says that people who don’t take the mark will die. It is one event that fulfills two weeks(1-2), “The Second Pentecost” and “The Second Resurrection” One thing about weeks; you almost always know the middle before it happens. It is like the Noah story. This guy is supposedly building a huge boat by hand. It is like obviously something is coming. The death for not taking the mark is like a Jesus on the cross and curtain tearing. I am not saying this mark thing is going to happen. I am saying it is a middle of the week event. Crazy John said the mark thing.

            Prophecies, these are historical events: Holocaust happened (3). The fall of the temple 70 AD happened(4).

            These might be myths. Here we move to Christian shaky ground. The death of Jesus happened (5). The curtain tore happened (6). The death of Rachel’s children happened (7). The fall of 1st Temple happened (8). The exile of Israel happened (9). A generation died in the desert happened (10). The first born in Egypt died happened(11). The land died of famine happened(12). The Baker died happened(13). The flood happened (14)

            God made the covenant of night and day on the 4th day (15).

            This is what I am saying. There is no prophecy. At best, interpretation. What you have here is basically middle of the week events. It is only, at this point, markers. Markers don’t mean anything if one does not begin to understand.

            I will play with God weeks. Get an idea where the weeks unfold themselves.

            Creation – God is creator – God the Almighty
            Ark of Covenant – Law – God is Holy
            Second Temple – Worship – God is worshiped
            Birth of Christ – God can be touched.
            Passion – God touches.
            1st Pentecost – God enters
            2nd Pentecost – We become like HIm.

            There are basically the seven weeks God completes. One has not happened. The last is missed out of all Christian theology. We believe in a resurrection, but have not realized that the “Tribulation Weeks” has a shadow week.

            It is like the Passion Weeks is shadowed by the Pentecost Week.

            It is like the Exile week is shadowed by the building of the second temple week.

            To explain this one has to begin to see the weeks or it makes not sense.

            I am looking for someone who sees the weeks.

            This put some of our Systematic Theology into question. Dispensation has lots of holes when viewing it in like of what God is doing. Even Systematic theology which derives, how I learned with of course a Western taste, its basis from a lot of philosophical thought through the ages is called into question.

            The closest that I have to confirm a “historical Jesus” without the use of circumstantial “eye witness” is the Holocaust. The Passion week mirrors the Holocaust. It could be the other way around. The Holocaust mirrors the Passion Week. The Passion Week is, what I call, The Passion Paradigm. I have tried writing a book. I am knew to it and I am still learning. Bible is opening up in light of these weeks for me.

            Don’t make me a prophet. It does make one wonder about any religion. People should ask themselves.

            Does your religion help you walk out of the week?

            Only one man has walked out of the week.

          • Bobby Gilbert

            All weeks have a beginning.
            All weeks have a middle.
            All weeks have an end.

            That is about all the prophecy that I can spell.

          • James F. McGrath

            Given the sorts of ramblings you are posting, I will guess that you are not capable of self-censoring, nor of recognizing that the nonsensical pet theories you are promoting are irrelevant to the posts you are commenting on. And so I am afraid I will have to ban you.

          • Gary

            I certainly hope you find whatever you are looking for.

  • Michelle Francl

    As a quantum mechanic and theologian (with a blog named Quantum Theology), I enjoyed this thoroughly!

  • epredota

    *snorts* Awesome!