The Grand Christian Tradition

The quote above comes from the conclusion of a post on David Williams' blog Brick by Brick about John Calvin's approach to Genesis:

All too often it is assumed that a “traditional” or “conservative” reading of Genesis will be a literal reading and that anything else is but “liberal” pandering to Darwinism. This assumption is flatly false and is only kept alive by our evangelical amnesia as to what the Fathers, the Medieval Doctors, and the Reformers actually said. The grand Christian Tradition, which I am as keen to conserve as anyone, is far, far richer and more subtle than we often realize.

Click through to read the rest. There are a couple of other really fantastic posts on that blog, going back a couple of years, which I would like to highlight. One is about the oversimplification and hidden assumptions involved in a common argument for Biblical inerrancy. Another is about the fact that doubts about 2 Peter have always existed in historic Christianity, and are not merely a product of modern scholarship.


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  • Enopoletus Harding

    I firmly agree. The Christian Tradition may be wrong either way, but it is much more complex, nuanced, & contradictory than many evangelicals seem to think.