Was Jesus Hungarian?

I give the Jesus mythicists a lot of hassle. But theirs is nowhere near to being the most ludicrous claim about Jesus one can find on the web. All Mesopotamia pointed out an article which mentions a view found among Hungarian nationalists: the Hungarians are in fact Sumerians – just like Jesus!

I recently learned that there is a whole blog dedicated to debunking geocentrism. Do we need one to tackle the Sumerian Hungarian Jesus hypothesis too?


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  • Tim

    Well, Jesus was certainly “hungary” after fasting for 40 days in the wilderness… 😉

    • Gary

      But didn’t Jesus say, “It is Finnish”. (John 19:30, if I am too obscure).

  • Herro

    Isn’t Jesus having been Hungarian more probable than Jesus being able to raise people from the dead, walk on water, resurrect from the dead and so on?

    • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/religionprof/ James F. McGrath

      Since both are improbable, I’m not sure what would be gained by comparing their degrees of improbability. But one is improbable because it is inherently so, the other because it stands at odds with the evidence we have. Does that distinction not make the comparison complicated and potentially problematic? To show Jesus to have been a Hungarian, or a Sumerian, all one has to do is find solid evidence that indicates that. But even if we find evidence that is compatible with Jesus having raised people from the dead, the inherent probability comes into play in a way that it does not for a Sumerian Jesus. Moreover, that Jesus was involved in praying for people who seemed dead to those without modern medical equipment, but then recovered, does not seem inherently improbable at all.

  • Horváth Zoltán

    Mária szabir volt. A magyar törzsszövetségben (181) szabirok is voltak.

  • Horváth Zoltán

    A magyarok egész Ázsiával, Európával, Amerikával, Kis-Ázsiával rokonságban vannak! Melyik nép van még ilyen? Egy sem! Csak a magyar! Vicces? Akkor nevess! Én csak mosolygok. :)