Godard’s Berceuse

Godard’s Berceuse April 17, 2014
"One is inherently unlikely. The other is simply at odds with the available evidence. Why ..."

Mythicism, Isnads, and Pseudepigrapha
"Yeah, who to trust. Someone who thinks Jesus did not exist or someone who thinks ..."

Mythicism, Isnads, and Pseudepigrapha
"I'm familiar with The Passover Plot and discuss some aspects of it in this article: ..."

Peer Reviews, Pseudoscience, and Denialism
"The majority in a field of expertise is not always right, but it is always ..."

Peer Reviews, Pseudoscience, and Denialism

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  • Just Sayin’

    Nice! Thanks. I’ve added it to my YouTube strings playlist.

    • Thank you too. Wouldn’t have known otherwise that the picture linked to a nice YouTube video lol.

      • Do a lot of people not know that YouTube has changed the way embedded videos look? Maybe I should blog about that…

        • WordPress seems to be embedding YouTube links just fine. Maybe it’s more of an issue with Patheos.com