Passive Aggressive Bumper Sticker Evangelism


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Bones of John the Baptist?
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Bones of John the Baptist?

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  • Gosh, that’s really gonna change people’s minds, isn’t it!? 😛

    • I really find it hard to believe that someone genuinely thought this bumper sticker was a good idea.

  • Diana

    My favorite passive-aggressive Christian bumper sticker: “Stop, drop, and roll does not work in Hell.” The word of the Lord? Thanks be to God?

    • Brian P.

      My 18-year-old daughter said a few weeks ago, “With as much as they taught me stop-drop-and-roll, I had thought running from a burning building would have been a frequent occurrence in life.”

      • Gary

        Same for “Duck and Cover” in the late 50’s. Let’s see now, the teachers tell us to get under our puny desks in school, to save our lives when a 10 megaton nuclear device explodes in our town. Of course, they also never explained what you do afterwards. That was in elementary school. By the time I hit high school, it was the 60’s, and we realized the approach was “bend over, and kiss your a** goodbye”. Moving from naive 5th grader to obnoxious, but realistic teenager.

  • guesrt

    Why are the bible verses so freaking small? You’d think quoting them would be the whole point. Otherwise, the ‘arguement’ makes even less sense.
    It works the other ‘way round too. Need a saviour? Uh-huh, alright, okay, whatever.