Abraham and Isaac Live

As you will gather from the video above, the title of this post indicates not that these two patriarchs live, but that the video is a live performance of Benjamin Britten’s canticle “Abraham and Isaac.” See Bob Macdonald’s blog for another performance, and the text that Britten set here.

Of related interest (since the story is one of many that depicts God in a troubling manner), here’s a meme that Jeremy Myers shared:


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  • Bethany

    I read constantly as kid (still do now, actually) and wanted to read in church because, well, I was bored. The only book my Mom would let me read in church was the Bible, so read it I did.

    Years later, my parents took a Bible study course at their church which involved reading the whole Bible (or at least big chunks of it) and Mom told me that she might not have encouraged me to read the Bible if she’d realized some of that stuff was in there…

    • http://www.joshboeke.com Josh Boeke

      It is a bit surprising (or not I guess if you know how these things generally work) that so many of the people I grew up with in Christian schools, who adamantly defend the inerrancy of the Bible, have rather massive gaps in knowledge about what’s actually in it.

      • Bethany

        Not really growing up as part of that culture, I don’t know how that ends up happening. I wonder if their Bible study tends to focus on the New Testament and on parts of the Old Testament that are related to specific points/lessons/morals? The latter presumably wouldn’t include stuff about sending a concubine to be raped to death and then sending her body parts to the twelve tribes of Israel… certainly that story wouldn’t show up in Sunday School class!

        (I wonder if there’s a tendency to focus as an adult on the parts of the Bible that tell the stories you learned about in Sunday School — those are certainly the best-known stories — which don’t include the most problematic bits.)

        • http://www.joshboeke.com Josh Boeke

          In my experience your assessment was mostly on the mark. Most Bible thumping Christians I grew up with tend(ed) to focus on the New Testament more or less exclusively (aside from a small collection of fun stories like Moses, Noah, and Joseph as well as prophecies related to the Messiah – they love those – and the Psalms/Proverbs). The idea seems to be that Jesus “fulfilled” the law in the Old Testament, thus making much of it no longer applicable. How that makes sense from an inerrancy perspective I can’t entirely say,