Faith minus Doubt

When looking for images to go in the background behind the quote (which is something I said when sharing a quote on this topic by someone else on the Progressive Christian Alliance Facebook page), I also came across a work of art by Barbara Kruger, which captures the same point from another angle. Click through to see it.


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  • D Rizdek

    “I guess while there’s doubt, there’s hope. It’s when we feel unjustifiably certain that we stop being able to make a difference…either in our own lives or in the lives of others.” Who does that sound like? To whom can we attribute that quote{:?

  • Jane Arney

    I agree. After decades of agnosticism I made a decision to choose faith. I must continually negotiate the boundaries of that decision. The allure of certainty persistently beckons me, but I know that certainty can only lead to the spiritual and intellectual poverty of fundamentalism. I believe Lord; help my unbelief.