From Doctor Who to Star Wars

“Today I Learned” is one of the fascinating elements on Reddit. And today I learned that the costume worn by the bounty hunter Bossk in The Empire Strikes Back was the same sort that appeared in the Doctor Who episode The Tenth Planet:

Apparently Doctor Who was using a real-life High-Altitude Windak Pressure Suit made for the British Royal Air Force. It probably wasn’t the exact same outfit in both cases. But clearly out of the two (and the costume made other appearances in both franchises), one of them wore it…”like a Bossk”!  🙂

Of related interest, here are some actors who appeared in both franchises:

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  • I didn’t know Brian Blessed did Boss Nass! I might have to actually like Episode I now.

  • Pseudonym

    A great trivia question for those who think they know their sci fi is: Who was the first actor to have roles in Star Wars, Star Trek and Doctor Who? (The answer: Deep Roy.)

    Whether or not this achievement has been matched or surpassed depends on how “canon” the media has to be to qualify as a role in the franchise. Simon Pegg, for example, did a small voice role in The Clone Wars. If you count the Star Wars video games, the winner is Guy Siner; he’s done all three, plus Babylon 5.

    Also let’s remember the US series of Torchwood, which featured Nana Visitor and John de Lancie. John de Lancie holds the honour of being the only actor to feature in Star Trek, Doctor Who, and My Little Pony.