Map of Hell

Via Rebecca Trotter

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  • R Vogel

    It’s missing the endless ‘It’s a Small World’ ride from Disney…

    • Shiphrah

      And the Hello Kitty Kitsch Gift Shoppe

  • Sean Garrigan

    She should have set that Far Side cartoon, “You Know, We’re Just Not Reaching That Guy” in the Brimstone Mines;-)

    • Andrew Dowling

      Man I miss ‘The Far Side’ . . greatest comic strip ever.

      • Sean Garrigan

        I’m hoping (though I have no reason to) that Gary Larson comes out with “More from the Far Side” or “The Far Side Revisited” on the 20th anniversary of his retirement:-)

      • arcseconds

        I think he stopped at about the right time. There were just starting to be a few signs that he was starting to repeat himself, and perhaps lose a bit of flair.

        It wouldn’t have been great to see a decade of Larson getting steadily more crap and formulaic, and turn into Garfield.

        • Sean Garrigan

          True, but it would be nice to think that in 20 years some new ideas might come to such a prolific mind, and I for one would enjoy tasting the fruits of a brief return to wacky world.

  • guest

    I think the fence should have a view into Heaven instead of Purgatory, for extra meanness.