Ray Comfort Hates Science and the Bible Equally

I am pretty certain at this stage that Ray Comfort is someone who is intentionally trying to make Christianity look bad. Just look at this Facebook post of his, which P. Z. Myers shared on his blog:


Ancient people often thought that the dry earth is situated above the chaotic waters from which they were caused to emerge in creation. That is what ancient readers understood Job 26:7 to mean. But Comfort is not happy to merely twist the meaning of the Bible to one thoroughly removed from its original contextually-considered sense. He also makes a false statement about gravity which even a well-educated child would know is wrong.

I don’t think he is someone who knows little about the Bible and science and altogether lacks the wisdom to not comment on things he has never learned even the basics about. I think his aim is much more diabolical: to try to make Christianity itself seem idiotic, by associating it with his own pronouncements.


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