Discount for Disobeying Jesus


The receipt above has been circulating via social media. Mrs. Betty Bowers shared these appropriate thoughts on the subject on Facebook:

A restaurant in North Carolina is now offering discounts to diners flamboyant enough about praying that their waiters notice. In other words, they are being encouraged to tell Jesus to stick a sock in it to save a few. Because He was pretty clear: If you want to pray, do it in private, otherwise you’re just an annoying hypocrite who prays only to be seen praying. (Matthew 6:5-6. You know the type – and so, apparently, did Jesus!) American Christians have always been linguistic gymnasts when it comes to getting around the clear, yet pesky, things Jesus asked (i.e., anything that starts with a “don’t”), so it was only a matter of time before we would expect to be paid to thumb our noses at Him. Because the only thing Americans love more than justifying narcissism is getting paid for it.


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