Jesus is Always the Answer

Jesus is Always the Answer September 17, 2014

No, he isn’t.


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  • Caleb G

    Of course Jesus is not always the answer. You forgot “The Bible” and “God.”

  • David Evans

    Jesus is transcendental. A transcendental number (such as pi or e) contains every integer somewhere in its infinite decimal expansion. These answers appear all to be integers. Therefore all these answers are in Jesus.

    • stewart

      There are transcendental numbers for which this is not true. For example, the sum of 10^(-k!), k in 1 to infinity, 0.110001000000000000000001000…

      Normal numbers do have this property. While most transcendental numbers are also normal numbers, very few numbers have been shown to be normal. Neither pi nor e have been proven to be normally, though they are generally believed to be.

      I have an open mind as to whether there is a larger set of transcendental numbers than normal numbers with this property.

      • David Evans

        “There are transcendental numbers for which this is not true.”

        I knew that! Or at least, I once knew it and should have remembered it. I didn’t know about normal numbers. Always something new to learn…

        I wonder if Godel’s proof applies to theology. It might explain certain long-lived disagreements.