Using Jesus

Newsweek, mythicism, Jesus, the Bible, and web traffic, all in one Coffee With Jesus cartoon, courtesy of Radio Free Babylon.


"What are talking about? Are you really claiming that it is unreasonable to infer that ..."

Earl Doherty as Christian Reformer
"You seem to be inventing sources to bolster your argument, and you are assuming that ..."

Earl Doherty as Christian Reformer
"I am suggesting that the sources and traditions available to Luke did not identify the ..."

Earl Doherty as Christian Reformer
"Vinny said: "In any case, although we are free to speculate that Luke really did ..."

Earl Doherty as Christian Reformer

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  • Tim Hamner

    For what else is Jesus useful?

    • James F. McGrath

      Garnering votes, waging war, making peace, pushing people down, lifting people up, getting people to stand against injustice, getting people to tolerate injustice…

      • Beau Quilter

        He’s also sometimes decorative on toast.

        • arcseconds

          And on other things! Sacred hearts, stained-glass windows, crucifixions, nativity scenes… quite possibly the most decorative dude ever!

          Hello Kitty eat your heart out!