LOST Rewatch: Eggtown

This episode begins with Locke making breakfast and then bringing it to Ben, together with a book. He says he has already read it, but Locke says that he might catch something he missed when reading a second time. That is an interesting analogy to the need to watch LOST a second time. Ben tries to manipulate Locke, making him angry by suggesting that Locke is just as lost as he ever was, and clearly desperate if he is turning to Ben for information.

In flashes forwards, Kate gets her trial and pleads not guilty. She is remanded into federal custody as a flight risk, despite having one of the most recognizable faces in America as one of the Oceanic Six. When later talking with her lawyer, he suggests making the case about character, and Kate insists that he is not using her son. (Soon after, we are shown Claire asking Kate to pick up Aaron, and Kate says she isn’t good with babies. Claire says this is the last thing she thought she would be good at, and she should try it.) Then in another flash forward, at Kate’s trial, Jack is called in as a character witness. He tells lies about what happened, saying that only 8 of them survived. Kate interrupts him. The prosecuting attorney asks him if he loves Ms. Austen, and Jack replies, “No, not anymore.” Later, Kate and her mother, Diane Jansen, meet. She says that her doctors have given her six months to live for the last four years, and that everything changed when she thought Kate was dead. She says she wants to see her grandson, but Kate says she doesn’t want her anywhere near him. But the mother still will not testify, and so the prosecution gives her ten years’ probation and a restriction on leaving the state. Jack comes to pick her up after she is released. He tells her that he didn’t mean what he said, and they arrange to get coffee, but Kate says that she knows why he doesn’t want to see the baby, but until he is willing to, there won’t be any going for coffee together. Then we see Kate get home, and go upstairs to see the child, who we then learn is Aaron.

Jin wants them to go to America after they are rescued, but Sun wants her baby to grow up at home in Korea.

Sawyer plays backgammon with Locke. He tells her about Kate wanting to bust Ben out in order to let him talk to Miles. Locke and Sawyer go to the boathouse, but Kate has taken him to Ben. Miles wants Ben to gibe him 3.2 million dollars in exchange for lying to the man who hired him and saying that Ben was already dead. Ben notices that this is a strangely precise amount and asks him about it. Locke finds them and tells Kate she is no longer welcome among them. But then she goes to Sawyer and he says he unbanishes her. We learn that Kate is not pregnant.

The people on the boat say that the helicopter still has not arrived the following day.

Locke puts a grenade in Miles’ mouth and says that he learned last night that there is no point in having rules if there is no punishment for breaking them.

I remember thinking about that last scene the first time I watched the show. It struck me that, once one has gotten to the point of being willing to blow someone up in the interest of getting information or compliance from them, one has gone to a bad place, no matter how important those answers might be. It was at this point that I lost what sympathy I had for John’s quest for answers, I began to focus more on people and how they treat one another on the show.


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