Religion in Israel/Palestine – Trailer for the 2016 Trip

I am planning to lead another trip to Israel and the West Bank in the summer of 2016, lasting about 9 days and departing in late May or early June. My son helped me make a movie trailer for the trip with iMovie, using footage taken by Johnny Traylor on the 2012 trip I led.

I am looking into the possibility that this trip might be open to alumni and other members of the public, and so if you are interested in participating, please do let me know!


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  • I enjoyed every blog posting day of your past two trips to Israel and often thought to myself, how great it would be to go there with someone equipped with your knowledge of the biblical regions. I’m presently writing a screenplay which involves a scene taking place in (of all places) St. George’s Orthodox Monastery, Wadi Qelt. I for one would love to go to Israel with the Students of Butler U., if my 2016 calender would allow it. In the interim, might you repost that image you took of the Monastery from your mountain vantage spot? Kudos for a very exciting trailer you created with your son as well! Psst. If you make a second one, please include the camel rides and the muddy fun at the Dead Sea the kids had. I wanna do that too!

  • I might be interested.