Cain the Drama Queen (YEC Version of Genesis 4)

God confronts Cain YEC version

The image comes from God of Evolution on Facebook. Obviously young-earth creationists can explain away such details as Cain’s concern for his safety in all sorts of creative ways. That is precisely the point – rather than embrace the problematic character of what the text actually says, they find ways to avoid taking seriously what it actually says, in order to protect their own view of “what the Bible teaches” – which is not in fact “what the Bible teaches,” because it is not what Genesis 4 teaches.


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  • Ophis

    Just to play devil’s advocate (or God’s advocate?), I suppose that with the lifespans of people in the first few chapters of Genesis, Cain might reasonably worry that by the time he’s 900 years old there’ll be a few more people around, and one of them might kill him.

    The idea that there could be enough people for Cain to found an entire city is really pushing it though.

    • David Evans

      But presumably at this point (quite early, since there were only four named humans on Earth) none of them knew what their natural lifespan was.

      • Ophis

        Good point. Maybe God could have cleared this up by giving Cain a better idea about how long he’d live. “Don’t worry about anyone murdering you, you’ll have died of something else by the time anyone finds you. Feel better now?”

    • TomS

      Isn’t this just a variation on who was Cain’s wife?

      • Ophis

        I thought the standard explanation was that she was an unnamed younger sister.