Bloggers’ Dinner at AAR/SBL in Atlanta

It seems that we may as well make a start to planning the dinner and get-together for scholarly bloggers at the AAR and SBL annual meeting in Atlanta in November. In the past we have referred to “bibliobloggers” in the title of the event, but I want to make a point of using more inclusive language, and inviting those who blog about any topic related to religion and who are members of either AAR or SBL.

I’m thinking that Sunday evening November 22nd, around 5pm, might be a good time for those who want to grab dinner and/or drinks. But if there are any publishers that decide they would like to host us – or if there are bloggers who would prefer to simply gather at a publisher’s reception that we all plan to attend anyway – then those alternatives would be worth pursuing.

But given that schedules fill up fast, I thought I would open the conversation about it. Please indicate in a comment whether you are attending SBL, what your blog is and what scholarly areas you blog about, and what your preference is regarding a day and time for this year’s Bible and Religion Bloggers’ Dinner and Drinks.

To whet your appetite, here are some photos from previous years’ gatherings:


Bibliiobloggers gathering

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  • Jason Gardner

    I plan to attend and will be my first SBL meeting. Looking forward to meeting folks!

  • Neil Carter

    I may be in the area that weekend, too. I’m not a biblioblogger, I don’t suppose (except from a certain point of view), but I’m game if y’all are.

    • James F. McGrath

      We’ve had guests who were not academics come along in the past, so it isn’t out of the question. A couple of times Patheos has organized a gathering of Patheos bloggers at the conference, too, and so it might be worth us trying to make sure that happens, whether in conjunction with this or separately.

  • William Brown

    I will be attending ( and I am good with any day. I look forward to meeting people! Areas of interest include Leviticus, ancient Near East, and anything surround that area.

  • Matthew Malcolm

    I’ll be there :) New Testament is my area:

  • John W. Martens

    Sunday late afternoon works for me. I blog at and at I generally blog on NT, interpretation of the Bible, Catholic biblical stuff and sometimes the intersection of the Bible and popular culture.

  • Larry Behrendt

    I will try to be there. Not sure what my schedule will look like, but the sooner you set a date, the more determined I’ll be to make it a SBL priority.

    • James F. McGrath

      I think we will probably go with this date. Now we just need to figure out a venue.

  • Bryan E. Lewis

    I will be there (! Any day works!

  • Wayne Coppins

    I’ll be attending. I blog on German New Testament scholarship ( Unless I have an immovable conflict, I hope to be there…