Spoiler-Free Review of The Force Awakens

Stephen Matheson shared his experience of seeing the new Star Wars movie on Facebook, and considerately redacted out anything that might give away plot details. It was so good, I had to share it:

Thoughts about The Force Awakens. Spoilers have been fully redacted, so you may read without fear of having your first viewing ruined.

We saw the film in a huge packed theater on a Saturday afternoon, which would be great fun no matter what the movie is. Many of us clapped with joy the first time the Millenium Falcon appeared on the screen, and again when Han and Chewie first showed up. Now some plot-related observations, and again, I took out any spoilers.

We all agreed that [character name redacted] should have [verb redacted] as soon as it was clear that [situation redacted]. The final scene where [character name redacted] and [character name redacted] were [verb redacted] at [location redacted] made us all [verb redacted] with [emotion redacted]. And we are all pretty sure that [character name redacted] is related to [character name redacted]. My personal favorite scene involved the confrontation between [character name redacted] and [character name redacted] at [location redacted] after [character name redacted] [verb redacted] [character name redacted] with a [name of standard kitchen appliance redacted].

May the [supernatural power redacted] be with [pronoun redacted]!


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