The Real Gavin Smythe

Why Still Monkeys td160212

The above cartoon from Tom the Dancing Bug has been making the rounds. I thought it was worth sharing anyway for Evolution Sunday, as it pokes fun at the person who does not work in science but sits at home posting their confident “insights” on social media, certain that they see things that the world’s scientists do not.

But what made me really want to share it was the discovery that there is a real-world equivalent of Gavin Smythe in the cartoon, someone who holds a view that is almost that expressed in the last panel of the comic.

Click through for the website – with illustrations drawn by hand using Microsoft Paint – of someone who is convinced that he is Jesus, and that atoms are tiny spaceships.

He drew my attention to his website via Twitter, rather like Gavin Smythe in the cartoon.

But since this is real life, he won’t be hearing from the Nobel Prize committee…

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