Live Chat about The Young Messiah

Patheos will be hosting a live chat about the new movie The Young Messiah tomorrow afternoon. You can register and participate here:

I may not be able to stay for the whole thing, but I’m planning on being there for at least the first half. Hope you can join us!

See also my blog post about the movie, if you haven’t already.

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  • Phil Ledgerwood

    I’d like to attend, but I’m very busy writing my book on how the Herods mentioned in the Gospels are all rehashes of the Horus myth. Herod – Horus. Get it?

  • John MacDonald

    Jesus wasn’t a traditional messiah. Paul said the cross was a stumbling block for the Jews. Jesus didn’t do what a traditional messiah was supposed to do. If his parents thought the young Jesus was a “messiah,” it would be interesting to see what Jesus’ parents thought he was going to do as a messiah.