The History of Afterlife in Sunday School

I’ve mentioned my Sunday school class at Crooked Creek Baptist Church on this blog on numerous occasions. But now I have a chance to invite you to sit in on a session, at least virtually. A couple that usually attends had to be absent yesterday, and we were due to cover a topic that one of them had requested. And so rather than just wait for them to return, they suggested that I record the class. And so, having done that, I thought I would share the video with you. If you enjoy it, let me know and I might start recording the class more regularly from now on!

The topic was the history and development of the doctrine of the afterlife in ancient Israel, Judaism, and Christianity. And so, while there is some discussion, a lot of the time is spent surveying how views developed and changed over time, from earlier texts in the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament, through Daniel, and into the New Testament.

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  • John MacDonald

    If there is a Hell, I wonder if the saved ones in Heaven spend their days uncontrollably lamenting their lost ones going through eternal torture and damnation? That kind of Heaven sounds like a pretty depressing place to be. If that is the case and I make it into heaven, I would just ask God to annihilate me.. And we all know what the result would be of having to deal with the boredom of living forever:

  • AtTheInfiniteJoel

    I did enjoy and would watch future classes should you record them.

  • The Eh’theist

    Interesting. Very diplomatic answers to some comments, and everyone seems to have handled the noise pollution with goodwill. It was neat to see everyone engaged and making connections with the material. Your idea of a belief survey is an interesting one, it might make a good start to new topics in the future to see how broad the spectrum of belief is. It was also interesting that in spite of your non-Evangelical beliefs that you have the same public prayer style.

  • arcseconds

    Finally got around to listening to this. It was a nice talk! How many people are in the class? You appear to be blessed with some sci-fi fans…

    I also loved the bit where you display the open Bible to people sitting meters away for about a second and point to it to demonstrate the poetic language in Job 🙂

    Could I encourage a ‘video’ tag or something? I often seem to find myself thinking ‘now, McGrath had a video that I was meaning to watch about this’ and either I can’t remember the topic or there are a lot of results.

    • Tagging posts with “video” is a good suggestion – thanks!

      You can also find videos of mine on my YouTube channel too, if I ever forget to tag the blog post accordingly.