The Year in Creation Science

See also Hemant Mehta’s response to Ken Ham’s list of the “accomplishments” of Answers in Genesis since its founding.

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Mythicists Shock Bart Ehrman, Set Off ..."
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  • gimpi1

    Great visual representation of the non-existence of “creation science.” Thanks.

  • ashleyhr

    Slightly off the main topic but Bill Ludlow and others might like to see my comments here just now. Other people are discovering just what a bigot, coward and fraud the YEC blogger ‘Cowboy’ Bob Sorensen is:
    (I believe Ludlow knows Nate Franklin who has occasionally posted at this BCSE community forum under a pseudonym.)

    As for the lack of scientific achievements in 2016 by YEC zealots (other than Stuart Burgess designing bicycles for the successful UK cycling team at the Rio Olympics) don’t worry about that. These people teach that humanity is becoming stupider and stupider (and that does seem to be true with many voters – though probably not voters who care about scientific and other reality).

  • ashleyhr

    Ludlow flagged the McGrath post here:

  • ashleyhr

    Another attempt to post that BCSE link in full (see the thread about Sorensen at ‘Conversations with Creationists’):

  • ashleyhr

    Why is Patheos mangling my BCSE link? Pl try this page:

    PS That link works. Pl then go to the topmost thread – the 49 page one all about Sorensen’s online activity.

  • ashleyhr

    In fact I think that ‘The Year in Creation Science’ meme/poster was created by Ludlow and re-blogged by McGrath:

  • Brad Feaker

    Well done Mr. McGrath – well done indeed.