Prayer Reveals Cowards and Saints to Themslves

The meme above was created by Christoph Clubbers based on a Facebook post by Thom Stark, who wrote:

If God didn’t answer the prayers of six-million Jews who were slaughtered by Christian men, why is God going to answer your prayers for health, your prayers for prosperity, your prayers for safety, your prayers for wisdom for your President? The only prayers God and history seem to recognize are deeds. If God is going to do anything at all, God certainly isn’t going to do anything for you that you aren’t already doing for the Other. Don’t pray, “God, help them.” Pray, “God, give me the courage to help them.” Prayer is the process by which cowards and saints are revealed to themselves.

I had been planning to turn at least the final statement, if not the whole thing, into a meme, but I think the meme above does a better job than I would have…

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  • Tom Key

    I stopped pretend prayers. Give me courage to real act.

  • myklc

    Although last Wednesday night we prayed for someone who was to have a fairly significant cancer surgery on his face. This morning he was in pre-op, the surgeon cancelled the operation because there was no cancer. God still heals.
    However, I think that prayer should include an understanding that we are willing to be the answer, to participate.