Why Do We Believe Stuff That’s Not True?

‘Why do we believe stuff that’s not true?’ he said, and I said, ‘because it’s easier than admitting we don’t know. Which is a lot closer to reality. That’s what we humans do, we make up things about everything. There’s very little we really know, so we make it up and then believe it, until reality clearly tells us that our theories aren’t working any more. Then we go and make up something new and start the whole game all over again.’

-Brian Andreas

I came across the above on Facebook, and had trouble initially tracking down the source. But apparently it is from Brian Andreas’ book Theories of Everything.

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  • Why Do We Believe Stuff That’s Not True?

    Question asked by a religion prof.

    • Surely that does not seem strange to you, does it? It is one of the many things that religious studies investigates in a formal and systematic way.

      • Many people will see it as ironic.

        • If they do, it indicates that they probably believe stuff that’s not true about the academic study of religion…and that will be ironic!

          • The academic study of religion is done in many places — departments of psychology, sociology, philosophy. It isn’t limited to departments of religion.

          • Indeed.

          • Funny you should say that … because Dr. McGrath belongs to a Department of Philosophy, Religion and Classics at Butler University.

            Aren’t you confusing seminaries with departments of religion? Seminaries prepare students of faith for ministry or theology. But an atheist can teach in a department of religion. Many do.

          • Joe Wallack

            The boomerang was invented by Australians but they were Believer Australians.

  • John MacDonald

    Sounds like the wisdom of a fellow agnostic!