Religious Imagery in Wall-E

Reddit is exactly the kind of place where one would expect a discussion to take place about whether Wall-E (in the movie of the same name) represented the tempting serpent in the Garden of Eden, perhaps understood as Satan, rather than being a messianic savior figure. I am grateful to IO9 for drawing that discussion to my attention, and also to Steve Wiggins for offering further discussion of the suggestion under the punny title “Wall-E of Separation.”

Apparently biblical allusions to the Genesis story (Eve) and the finding of a plant that indicates that it is safe to emerge from the ark (Noah) were intentional. Did you pick up on those biblical allusions when you saw the movie?


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  • Mike Dunster

    I’m slightly stunned that people in the discussion equate life on the Axiom as being Paradise – it looks more like a Dante-inspired purgatory (or worse) to me…

  • Brandon Roberts

    i don’t think it did, but interpretation is at least partially subjective