Bloggers’ Dinner and Drinks at #AARSBL17

It is time to plan for the blogging (and microblogging/tweeting/social media using) scholars who will be at AAR/SBL in Boston in November to meet. Last year we scheduled the bloggers’ gathering at the same time as the presidential addresses of the two academic organizations whose conference it is. I was in two minds about doing so then, and continue to be. On the other hand, I know that I represent many academics who are affiliated with both organizations and have qualms about going to one presidential address at the expense of another, and so might just as well treat both the same way by missing both! Since the time ultimately worked so well for people to be able to attend last year, I am going to propose that we do the same again this year, adding the proviso that we will choose a venue where it will be perfectly fine to stop by later in the evening (after the presidential addresses) and join us for food or just drinks at that time.

So let’s start this conversation aiming to hold the Bloggers’ Gathering on Saturday, November 18th, 2017 starting at 7pm. I’ve set up a Facebook event which you can find here:

If you plan to attend, please indicate that (ideally via Facebook), so that I have an initial sense of likely numbers and can find a venue that can accommodate us and handle things like separate checks. Given that we will be in Boston, good seafood is also going to be important (as will, of course, be options for those who do not eat seafood).

Your input is invited. Last year we had to move the day of the event, and so please do indicate if the day and time or anything else won’t work for you, or will work very well, since it is not at all too late for changes to be made.

Blogger Dinner 2016a


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