Happy Arbor Day, From A Tree Hugger

Happy Arbor Day, From A Tree Hugger April 26, 2024

Tree Hugger

Today is Arbor Day, and it is as holy a day as I can think of.

No, it is not a bank holiday. No, it is not tied to a religion. No, most people don’t really care or even know that today is Arbor Day (or what Arbor Day even is!).

But it is a special day nonetheless.


Because trees are sacred. They are God’s gift to humanity, though we hardly deserve them.

We continue to clear cut them in the name of sport, in the name of industry, in the name of progress.

And yet, no matter how much we harm these wonderful trees, they will continue to persevere. They have been here much longer than us, and will likely continue well after our climate-induced demise.

Or, we can learn from them and alter our course. We can learn to respect what the trees can teach us–to slow down, to work in community with those around us. Because, believe it or not, that’s exactly what trees do. They live in symbiotic relationships with beneficial bugs, with birds, with mammals that gather their seeds, nuts, and fruits.

So today, on this holiest of days, hug a tree. Remove some blight. Give it some organic food. And maybe plant one or two in the near future. It’s the least we all can do for these wonderful beings.




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