“Nationalism does nothing but teach you to hate people you have never met and take pride in accomplishments you have no part in.” -Doug Stanhope *Note: this is a guest piece by my good friend Danielle Kingstrom. Nationalism is a loyalty and devotion to a nation. In plain text, nationalism isn’t a scary or offensive word. History has shown us that many great leaders, both famous and infamous, were nationalists; they were leaders who believed their country was exceptionally superior… Read more

The LGBTQ issue has been something I’ve talked about a lot, not only on this blog but in many other places as well. By now, I’m sure you know where I stand on the matter. If you aren’t aware, however, I’ll simply say that it is a non-issue for me. I explain my reasoning here, here, here, and especially here. Agree or disagree, that’s where I’m at with things. That said, in this piece I wanted to take a bit… Read more

*This is a guest post by my good friend and pastor Daniel Wysong. “Our relationship with Christ—and any other successful relationship—is based on freedom.” ~ Boundaries, Cloud and Townsend The 4th of July is here again. It’s a day we Americans celebrate liberty: the freedom to choose how we think, act, and express ourselves. Our nation was founded with the idea that as long as one is respecting the rights of others, one should be able to hold a dissenting… Read more

Anyone who affirms God has to deal with the age-old question, “What about evil?” No matter what our theology says about the divine—no matter whether we believe that God is nonviolent or full of violence, full of love or full of wrath, a respecter of human volition or a bigger Calvinist than Calvin himself—the problem of evil and suffering is, well, a problem. Majorly. We should all recognize this. In fact, when atheists bring up the problem of evil, when… Read more

I’m sure you’ve all heard the latest news about what is going on at our southern border. If you haven’t, please allow me to inform you: At this very moment, our government is ripping immigrant children away from their parents, in part, as a means to “deter mothers from migrating to the United States with their children.” In other words, children are being used as leverage against their parents—roughly 1,358 of them since last October, in fact. This is all… Read more

The other day, my friend and colleague Keith Giles engaged in a lively debate with the folks from G220 Radio on the topic of homosexuality and the Bible. The three hosts took the stance that the Bible condemns all non-heterosexual romantic relationships, while Giles argued for full affirmation of the LGBTQ+ community. After listening to the show in its entirety, I wanted to offer some initial thoughts on the topic by providing 10 things for us to remember when confronting… Read more

Jesse, C’mon, man! For real? You need another jet? One that costs $54 million? That’s a lot of cheddar, homeboy. Do you know what you could do with $54 million? I don’t, but I’m pretty sure a lot of homeless folks could be fed for a long time with that kind of cash. I’m pretty sure that kind of #ballastatus-money could go a long way in Gaza, or in sub-Saharan Africa. I’m pretty sure a good deal of suffering Syrians… Read more

Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been thinking a lot about experience and how it relates to truth, the pursuit of truth, the Bible, and so on and so forth. I’ve been doing this, not only because my friend and colleague Keith Giles has been discussing it a lot on his blog and elsewhere, but because it’s been the topic of conversation during my weekly bonfires with my best friend and fellow author Mike Machuga. What I have found utterly… Read more

Although I no longer engage in theological discussions on Facebook all that often, I still get into it with folks from time to time. What I find fascinating is the level of certainty with which many Christians approach whatever topics are being discussed. Especially confounding is how many of these “believers” offhandedly talk about the fate of non-believers. In essence, everyone is going to hell. Muslims. Atheists. Jews. Even Christians who theologically see things differently than them  are one day… Read more

Hey man, I doubt you know who I am. And that’s totally cool. Unlike the folks you roll with, I’m a nobody. But I know who you are. I saw your interview from the film “Hellbound?” And although I don’t agree with you on most theological matters, I wanted to thank you for taking the time to talk to Kevin Miller. Given that you guys vehemently disagree, it probably took some guts to do that. Anyway, the other day, I… Read more

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