Christological Evolution

Nick Norelli has posted on the subject of pagan influence on early Christology, and I’ve already joined in the conversation. As I argued in John’s Apologetic Christology, I too find unpersuasive and problematic the idea that Jesus went from (as Maurice Casey put it) Jewish prophet to Gentile God. But the other major view, which [Read More…]

Anton Bruckner, Symphony No.4 “Romantic”

Having mentioned Anton Bruckner’s symphonies here recently, I realized I have never shared his most famous symphony, the 4th, also known as the “Romantic” symphony, all movements of which can be found on the Internet Archive. [Read more…]

Free Language Learning Resources

I have come across several useful online language-learning resources recently, in the form of web sites with freely available courses such as those developed by the Foreign Service Institute. Here are some worth checking out: FSI Language CoursesSo you want to learn a language?Peace Corps language lessonsSyrian ArabicEducation Resources Information Center [Read more…]

Progressive Christian Soup

I had never heard of The Sacred Sandwich until a few minutes ago when I came across a post by revJohn which included a link there. Having poked around just a little, I thought I should share this ad: [Read more…]

The Epic Pat Metheny

I think I’ve mentioned the site Wolfgang’s Vault before. Here’s some more music from there for your enjoyment, the Pat Metheny Group performing their song “The Epic” live in 1978. [Read more…]

Dialogue, Memes, and Temporary Torments in the Biblioblogosphere

Doug Chaplin has interacted with me on the subject of historians and the resurrection, following up on an earlier post about the empty tomb. John Hobbins has tagged me with a meme (in response to Doug), his version of which is as follows: (1) Name one idea that used to be seen as a key [Read More…]

Jim McGrath, Spokesman For The Butler Bulldogs

Daniel Kirk wonders whether he has discovered what else I do at Butler besides teaching religion. The truth is, there is another Jim McGrath at Butler, in Athletics. He was at Butler first, and he’s the reason I have the awkward e-mail address with the middle initial and truncated last name. He’s also one of [Read More…]

Recent Searches

Here are some searches that brought people here recently: jesus said when you see Barack Obama the end times are here Um, no, he didn’t. Does that answer your question? black smoke monster theology I do hope to offer some black smoke monster theology here very soon. Watch this space! And here’s my favorite: exploring [Read More…]

The Eleventh Hour: Doctor Who Returns

The Doctor is in. Doctor Who has returned with a new regeneration (played by Matt Smith), a new companion (Amy Pond, or Amelia Pond, played by Karen Gillan, who previously appeared as a guest star on the episode “Fires of Pompeii”), a new TARDIS control room, but the same penchant for missed appointments. As with [Read More…]

My Theme Song?

Jeremy has been proposing theme songs for various blogs and bloggers. Here’s his suggestion for mine: Do you agree? If not, can you propose a better one? [Read more…]