Assault on the Temple of Jupiter

Jupiter Optimus Maximus

The Kalends of September proved long and full, and now another Kalends comes upon us.  The Ides (13 Sept) celebrates the anniversary of the dedication of the Temple of Jupiter, Juno, and Minerva atop the Capitoline Hill of Rome. It is therefore especially sad to learn that the Temple of Jupiter Perennus that is being built for our community in Poltava, Ukraine, was attacked last Monday night by a group of Orthodox Christians. Our chief priest of Jupiter, the Flamen Dialis Marcus Corvus was injured while defending the altar of Jupiter and has been hospitalized. This comes after news that another Christian band attacked a Romuva sanctuary in Lithuania. Even here in Ohio, some years ago, Christians attacked a sanctuary that was erected by a CUUPS group on the grounds of a Unitarian church in Fairlawn, a suburb of Akron.   While sad to hear such events continue today, it is no shock to learn of them. Not when ministers like John Hagey preach that “Tolerance is a sin,” when Pat Robertson, among others, blamed the 9/11 attacks on pagans, or when Rev. Billingsly, the former minister of the Akron Baptist Temple, once preached from the pulpit to his congregation that they ought to burn pagans at the stake.  Such is the face of the “New Christianity” that we are met with each day, and now it has touched my friend Corvus and his family.

This has been doubly troubling news for me at this time.  I was invited by Corvus to visit Poltava in August, where, as Pontifex Maximus, I was to inaugurate two of our new sacerdotes. Unfortunately other events and a lack of funds prevented me from doing so this year.  Recently I have been diagnosed with esophageal cancer.  I shall receive an operation to remove the cancer on this coming Monday.  Esophageal cancer is incurable and fatal, usually. However in my case it has been discovered very early and I am expected to survive without difficulties.  Still, it has upset any travel plans and other religious activities I was to participate in, since I have been receiving tests, exams, and now treatment.  The news also comes at a time when some of us are looking towards being registered as a belief organization in Europe, and thus prepare to seek protection for the Religio Romana and its adherents under the EU Charter. Maybe next year I shall be able to travel to Poltava for the inaugurations of our sacerdotes and possibly to dedicate the Temple of Jupiter Perennus when completed.

For those who may wish to show your support for our community in Poltava, you can contribute to the Temple Fund at

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  • Sarenth

    My Gods. I am so sorry to hear so many Temples are under attack. Is there anything you would call on the Pagan communities to do?

    I hope that the operation goes well, and you recover soon.
    My prayers are with you.

  • Calvin Whitfield

    Is there a link to a news story about the attack in Poltava? I have done a lot of checking by google, but I haven’t found anything. Could this just be a rumor?

  • David Menard

    I offer my sympathies and hopes of a speedy recovery for Marcus Corvus.Typical christian intolerance they haven’t changed in 2000+ years and are not likely to. They’d burn us all at the stake if we give them the chance Us being heathens,Pagans and anyone else who isn’t them. In frith Dave

  • Diarmuid

    It’s so sad… But did you think about your cancer? Like a message or a sign, maybe…

    Anyway, I wish you Peace and Prosperity and I tell you that I’ve traduced your post in italian. Now is in my blog with names and connections to your virtual dominion. This for share with others this particular event and maybe helping you to find support.

    I follow the Celtic way (my blood, and more than this my Spirit, comes from Ireland), but I love all the Shining Gods and the Great Mother…

    … so, I wish you PAX DEORUM in your lifes. ITA EST!

  • Makarios

    Best wishes to you for a speedy and full recovery, and many happy years to come.

  • harmonyfb

    I’m shocked and grieved to hear about this vicious vandalism and assault. I hope and pray that those criminals are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and that Jupiter brings swift healing to his priest.

  • Slag310

    Best of wishes for quick healing (physical and psycyological) to the injured priest, to the people of the temple in Ukraine, and to the person with cancer. I wish you all well, from far away. Slag310

  • Felyx

    Hail Magister!

    I am a Pagan who dedicated to the service of the Goddess Hekate and Lord Ianus. However, there are no temples for Roman Paganism here in my country- the Philippines. Can you help me become a formal priest? Where can I coordinate?

  • Hermione

    I hope they catch the people that did it and convict them. Can’t even go onto your own property. Sad, sad, sad.

  • Sean

    Christians in general and certainly as a group are absolutely dispicable. The pack mentality and intolerance is a disgrace to the western world and something we should endeavour to expunge.

  • Lucius

    I received your news regarding the Temple of Jupiter with joy and sorrow, I was happy to find out that there is a temple being build for worshipers but I am sorry to hear that it was attacked by a group of Orthodox Christians. I hope chief priest the Flamen Dialis Marcus Corvus wasn’t too badly injured and has recovered without permanent damage. This incident, which is one of many just proofs my point. When will people finally realize that Christianity is the downfall of humanity. Ever since Constantine “The Great” professed Christianity, made it the religion of the Roman Empire and issued his famous decrees in A.D. 321-523 the world has been out of balance and plunged into centuries of darkness.

    By offering the Christians the sacrifice of his betrayal of the Gods, he did not fully realize that he was passing a spiritual death sentence on his people and ultimately the world. Constantine converted the Pantheon into a Church (what sacrilege), gave to all its statues of gods and demigods and goddesses the nicknames of he and she saints, stuck up an old statue of Jupiter as an image of St. Peter, and changed all the fast and feast days of the gods in the Calendar to Saints’ Days. Diana became the Virgin Mary, Venus, Mary Magdalene, and Minerva was metamorphosed into Saint Dorcas, the patroness of sewing societies. But the truth cannot be erased from history, by the gods we know that the Christians tried, and they have proven themselves throughout the centuries to be the religion of wrath, violence, and domination.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am not a praedicator of hate, ignorance and blind obedience. By all means people are entitled to believe in whatever the want as long as they do not attacked or kill others for their believes (which is an old roman virtue)! But I guess we all know by now how tolerant the other “religions” are. It’s often said by Christians that our “religion” has been intolerant, fortunately history proofs them otherwise. In fact there uses to be a decree of religious tolerance, way before Constantine “The Great” where it says: Romans are to accept and respect other people’s gods and to admire (rather than despise) other nations for their own notions of piety. And are to participate out of respect in the religious rituals of his host(s).

    Ohh my now I think I better stop now before I end up writing a whole novel.

    May the gods grant you all things which your heart desires, and may they bless you with nothing but good fortune and health!

    Die dulci fruimini!