Opening Prayer

Most holy Minerva, to You I call upon, virtuous dancer, come,  and for a moment listen to my prayer. I pray the You may guide my mind in this study that I have undertaken; kindle in me the Shining Light of Truth, and enlarge my understanding; open the gates to my soul that I may receive inspired guidance.

Anchoring my thoughts in the full splendor of reality, hold me back from too much conceit of wisdom and from the paths of error by keeping me in intellectual converse with those realities from which alone the eye of the soul is refreshed and nourished.

From the Gods above I ask a fullness of Wisdom; from the superior Gods, may my thoughts have a power to ascend aloft; from the Gods below, an active mind free and clear, unconcerned with material thoughts; from the semidivine Fauni, an abundance of inspiration; from the heroes, a generous, solemn, and lofty disposition. So may all the Orders of Divine Beings help to fully prepare me to share in these studies on which I now embark.



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