Update on Temple of Jupiter Perunnus

Poltava Temple of Jupiter Perennus

There is still a long way to go in building a temple complex for Jupiter Optimus Maximus Perunnus.  Our fellow cultores  in Poltava presented their plans to us while we visited last year, including a mock-up of what they hope to construct.  You can see part of the project above as the temple shall eventually appear, on the left, and a photo on the right of where construction of the site recently ended. Last August when I was visiting, only the foundation podium and steps had been completed after some excavation.  Work has begun on the walls of the cella as we see above.  As spring arrives construction shall begin again. Labor is provided by the cultores themselves, to keep down expenses, but they can use your assistance for the cost of materials. You can help with a small donation by visiting the CULTUS DEORUM ROMANORUM website at http://cultusdeorumromanorum.blogspot.com/.  Midway down the right-hand column is a link to ProDIIS that helps fund the project.


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