Giubilini/Minerva JME article in UK Telegraph

The UK Telegraph has an article by medical correspondent Stephen Adams entitled Killing Babies No Different from Abortion about the (in)famous Giubilini/Minerva JME article. The piece contains mostly Prof. Julian Savulescu’s defense of the pair for their article, arguing that they have been subjects of a witch hunt for advocating views which are controversial, but still clearly scholarly. At the end of the piece, thankfully, is a response from Dr. Trevor Stammers, director of medical ethics at St. Mary’s University College, who points out:

 “If a mother does smother her child with a blanket, we say ‘it’s doesn’t matter, she can get another one,’ is that what we want to happen?

“What these young colleagues are spelling out is what we would be the inevitable end point of a road that ethical philosophers in the States and Australia have all been treading for a long time and there is certainly nothing new.”

Referring to the term “after-birth abortion”, Dr Stammers added: “This is just verbal manipulation that is not philosophy. I might refer to abortion henceforth as antenatal infanticide.”

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