Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) says Joe Miller “not fit to lead.” What would be your comeback to that accusation if you were Miller?

According to The Weekly Standard:

Senator Lisa Murkowski, the write-in candidate in the Alaska Senate race against Republican Joe Miller and Democrat Scott McAdams, oozed with contempt for Miller during a debate last night, which was televised on Alaska’s KTUU:

MURKOWSKI: Scott is not ready to lead. Joe is not fit to lead. I have been leading this state [crowd boos]–I have been leading this state for 8 years. And I will continue to do so, bringing the seniority that I have built, the work ethic that I have built, and the passion for a state that I love.

Senator Murkowski was appointed to the U.S. Senate by her Daddy after he resigned from the U. S. Senate to assume the Alaska governorship. So, here are some possible comebacks that Miller could have employed if he had interrupted her:

MURKOWSKI:  Joe is not fit to lead.
MILLER: Since Frank Murkowski is not my father, I can understand why you don’t think I’m fit to lead.

MURKOWSKI: Joe is not fit to lead.
MILLER: If I’m not fit to lead, and I beat you in the Republican primary and you are now running as a write-in candidate, aren’t you really saying that the voters are not fit to vote?

What’s your comeback? (Make it clean and clever)

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