Fr. Barron comments on why so many atheists are on the CNN Belief Blog

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  • Stephen

    What an incredibly winsome fellow! An excellent witness for the faith.

  • Michael Bauman

    This is a fine video, one well worth watching. But very early on in it, I was interested to hear Barron mention the likes of Chesterton, Knox, Sheen, and Lewis as apologists we ought to know, and then to say something like “and Francis Schaeffer on the protestant side” — as if Lewis were not an Ulster protestant.

    This from Lewis:

    “The real reason, I take it, why you cannot be in communion with us is not your disagreement with this or that particular Protestant doctrine, so much as the absence of any real ‘Doctrine’, in your sense of the word, at all. It is, you feel, like asking a man to say he agrees not with a speaker but with a debating society. And the real reason why I cannot be in communion with you is not my disagreement with this or that Roman doctrine, but that to accept your Church means, not to accept a given body of doctrine, but to accept in advance any doctrine your Church hereafter produces. It is like being asked to agree not only to what a man has said but to what he’s going to say.
    To you the real vice of Protestantism is the formless drift which seems unable to retain the Catholic truths, which loses them one by one and ends in a ‘modernism’ which cannot be classified as Christian by any tolerable stretch of the word. To us the terrible thing about Rome is the recklessness (as we hold) with which she has added to the depositum fidei — the tropical fertility, the proliferation, of credenda. You see in Protestantism the Faith dying out in a desert: we see in Rome the Faith smothered in a jungle.
    I know no way of bridging this gulf.”

    C. S. Lewis

  • Buster Adams

    I do find it interesting that the only people more vocal about their dislike for my religion than Protestants…is well Atheists. The fact that the Church teaches freedom of conscience, that when the tides turn and atheism is condemned; the Church will stand there sheltering atheists in her buildings, in the face of persecution, once again in history.

    Yet, we will be condemned by those who we sheltered, nevertheless, once the persecution stops.

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  • Rhymes With Right

    You couldn’t have found a better mind to pick here. I’m proud to have been one of Barron’s students during my seminary days.

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    Rev. Robert Barron, S.T.D. is an exciting clergy and intellectual powerhouse for anyone to listen too frequently.

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