What’s Wrong with Moral Relativism?

What’s Wrong with Moral Relativism? March 2, 2024

I’m a regular speaker for the Thomistic Institute, an academic institute of the  Pontifical Faculty of the Dominican House of Studies (DHS) in Washington, D.C.   According to its website, “The Thomistic Institute exists to promote Catholic truth in our contemporary world by strengthening the intellectual formation of Christians at universities, in the Church, and in the wider public square. The thought of St. Thomas Aquinas, the Universal Doctor of the Church, is our touchstone.” There are nearly 90 TI chapters at universities and colleges throughout North America and a few overseas. Since 2018 I have given four to six TI lectures every year.  The most popular topic I am asked to speak on is moral relativism, an issue about which I co-authored a book in 1998 with Gregory P. Koukl, Relativism: Feet Firmly Planted in Mid-Air (Baker Book House).   In December 2023 Fr. Gregory Pine, O.P.–Instructor of Dogmatic and Moral Theology at DHS–invited me to appear on the TI podcast (Off-Campus Conversations) to discuss what I cover in my TI lecture as well as other adjacent issues.  Below is the Youtube video of the podcast.


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