Never Doubt Thomas focus of CRCD’s Reading Wheel Review.

Never Doubt Thomas focus of CRCD’s Reading Wheel Review. March 31, 2024

What an honor it is to have my book, Never Doubt Thomas: The Catholic Aquinas as Protestant and Evangelical (Baylor University Press), singled out by the Center for Religion, Culture, and Democracy (CRDC) as a Significant Book in its Reading Wheel Review.

The issue devoted to my book consists of

  1. A podcast interview of me by First Liberty Institute attorney, Trey Dimsdale.
  2. An related essay authored by Elizabeth Rain Kincaid, the Legendre-Soulé Chair in Business Ethics & Director of the Center for Ethics and Economic Justice at Loyola University New Orleans.
  3. A critical review of the book  by Manfred Svensson, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Los Andes, Santiago de Chile.
  4. An excerpt from the book authored by yours truly, “Who Was Thomas Aquinas?”

Please go take a look here.


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