Duke’s Coach K on uncompromising morality

In an article about the Penn State case, ESPN reports:

Paterno’s requirement that his players not just achieve success but adhere to a moral code, that they win with honor, transcended his sport. Mike Krzyzewski, the Duke basketball coach, said in June for an ESPN special on Paterno: “Values are never compromised. That’s the bottom line.”

However, when a very courageous assistant coach at Baylor, Abar Rouse, had surreptitiously audio-taped his superior, disgraced head basketball coach Dave Bliss, telling Rouse of his plan to falsely depict a murdered Baylor player as a drug dealer so that  Bliss’ under-the-table payments to the player were not exposed to NCAA scrutiny, this is what ESPN reported:

Many coaches, including Hall of Famers Jim Boeheim and Mike Krzyzewski, have said that Rouse had crossed the line. “If one of my assistants would tape every one of my conversations with me not knowing it, there’s no way he would be on my staff,” Krzyzewski told “Outside the Lines” in 2003.

If a sainted coach like Krzyzewski can see only disloyalty, and not heroism, in Rouse’s catching and turning in Dave Bliss for defaming a murder victim for whom Bliss had special care as the young man’s head coach, is the harboring of a child rapist by Penn State University not so unimaginable? “Values are never compromised”? What a pile of horsesh*t.

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